About Me

Welcome to my blog! As you may recall, this is my second attempt at keeping a blog about my travels through the Middle East. My husband, Justin, and I created http://fromtheregion.blogspot.ae in 2009 to chronicle our adventures (and later misadventures) through the region. It was an exciting period for us, having been newlywed and filled with an intrepid spirit to understand this part of the world. It also started what is now a lifelong love affair with the Middle East. And so nearly six years and two kids later we are back in the GCC, although this time not as citizen journalists but as residents. Our lives have changed so much since then– Justin is working for an international bank while I’m focused on trying to settle two toddlers into a new life thousands of miles away from ‘home’. Oh yeah, and I’m dabbling at this blog thing. Maybe it’s a mommy blog, maybe it’s a travel blog. Maybe it’s just my secret diary that happens to be connected to the world wide web. Whatever is turns into, I’m grateful you stopped by and had a look. Please don’t forget to say hi once in awhile!


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