Sunday is the new Monday.

Getting used to the change in the work week here is like getting used to a new scar. It feels bumpy and awkward at first and doesn’t sit right on your skin. The first week we arrived the days really blended together and I was too jet lagged to notice any significant difference. It felt more like vacation when you finally settle into your new relaxed state you quite forget what day of the week it is. But now in our third week in Dubai I really start to notice the strangeness of a new week. For example, I wake up on Saturday mornings with a lazy-end-of-weekend feeling until I realize it’s Saturday and then my heart palpitates thinking about my endless list of errands and how we haven’t booked a babysitter for dinner. No wait, it’s actually Sunday, I remind myself and then go and pour a second cup of coffee.

Same with Thursdays. Somehow the weeks have felt unusually long and by the time Thursday rolls around I am begging for the weekend and giving myself pep talks on how to survive another two days. And then, surprise! I go pick up the kids and watch the hideous traffic pile up outside my window and remember cheerfully, it’s the weekend! (Yes, even SAH moms still get excited about the weekend). This week I actually managed to remember in advance (like on Tuesday) that the weekend would be coming ‘early.’ I even sent a few emails proclaiming “TGIT!”, although something about that felt odd and slightly fraudulent. But the change in week is definitely something to get used to here and with a few more months I’m sure I will have it down. Until some local holiday throws us out of whack (which are rumored to be plentiful).

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